My stories have come home.

It has been years since I wrote anything substantial in either English or Dutch. But writing is like an itch; the harder you try to ignore it, the more it starts to plague you. Looking back to my mostly unfinished stories, I see them as children who have not grown to their full potential. Some of my most treasured writings deserve an ending. Failing that, I can at least try to give them a home and make them comfortable.

Whether to write in English or Dutch has always been a no-brainer to me. My stories formed themselves in my head in English. But lack of practise makes rusty and these days I’ve tried the odd tale in Dutch. Because this is a place for both my past and future writings, don’t be surprised to find the occasional story or update in Dutch. I will try to give appropriate warning and a decent tag. But I’m a vain person afterall and like to spread my writings to as big an audience as possible 😉

Enjoy some old favourites and hope for some new surprises. It will take a while to get all my stories home but I’m hunting them as I speak. Let’s hunt some tales!


About Emmy

"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

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