Stories settling in with coffee and cakes

The corridors of this blog are no longer completely empty. I meet new inhabitants every now and then when I walk the building. Two chapters of A Forest Cat have been nicely settling in and some, almost forgotten, little tales have taken to each other and decided to live together under the ‘Short stories’ roof. One shy little foreigner found a small backroom to occupy under the ‘Korte verhalen (Dutch)’.

Most of the old writing has been done nearly 10 years ago, which makes me rather sad but also determined to rectify the matter. I’ve made a small tentative beginning that needs a lot of thought, care and attention to make it grow into something promising.

All the while, I am contemplating putting up some stories for download by PDF, since I found that option very useful at Journeymouse. It’s not too complicated to achieve and I found reading pdf in my favourite e-reader much to be preferred to some of the blog reading on WordPress. Formatting and layout are totally at your mercy in PDF, power to the writer!

Another idea I’ve been playing with is to provide audio files to some of the stories. I greatly enjoy listening to audiobooks in the car, in bed and in the bath. And I know that for some it is the only way to enjoy stories and books. But I’m very self-conscious when it comes to hearing my voice back; one of the reasons I failed at online language courses that provide feedback to recorded pronunciation exercises.

So if there is anybody out there that will lend his or her voice to some of my stories (especially native English speakers) then please drop me a line and I’ll reserve you a room in my stories house.

Thank you for reading and be sure to drop by again. There’s always coffee and cakes!


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"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

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