Fire Prince – Preface

Fire Prince

From the bowels beneath the forest ground,

deeper than mountain’s roots can grow,

lies fire hotter than the sun

and I command its flow.

The red hot fire rages within my body,

searing flames rip through my soul.

I choose the path that it will take,

and guide it towards its goal.

The ecstasy of its withering path;

the triumph as it strikes true.

Exultant flashes, rich and full;

brilliant shades of multicoloured hue.

In the grey light of early dawn,

in the bright white light of day,

in dark black shadows of night;

I pay the price that I must pay.

Drawn from deep beneath the earth

flows of pain to renew its source.

By will alone I call it forth,

and endure its insane force.

My iron will shall reign supreme;

the pain is no high price to pay.

By right of blood do I command,

let none stand in my way.


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About Emmy

"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

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