Roller coaster ride and the Dark Prince

And then you realise you got into life’s roller coaster and the carts have just set into motion. As I’m enjoying the ride and occasionally scream my throat soar, I’m also trying to keep up with some grounding occupations. Writing, even little pieces like these, helps to keep the horizon straight.

I’ve also turned back with a vengance to one of my first loves, reading. I’ve already read more books this year than the whole of last year and it feels liberating. Dutch, English, light and heavy, I’m going through them as if starved. Reading them as ebooks has already saved at least one tree.

On the quest for my own stories, I’ve reread many of them. They both surprise and exasperate me. Some phrases left me cringing, others quietly proud. If nothing else, they teach me that I still have a lot to learn and to finish some of them will be worth the effort.

One of these stories have made it close to completion: The Dark Prince. To give myself a chance to finish it, I will only put up its preface here, one of my meager attempts at poetry.

I have found some other stories to share with you however. There’s another installment of my Dutch flash fiction challenge called ‘Zoeken en Vinden‘ in ’50 woorden’.

There’s a pretty little piece called ‘Hawk‘, which stands on its own but actually deserves a whole novel.

Finally there is the Prologue to a new piece of writing called ‘First Breath’. This is a writing project, started in 2012, where I  am exploring the vampire story genre. The prologue ‘Awakening‘ sees its first daylight here.

Enjoy your reading and thanks to all who liked, commented (either here or on Facebook) and most importantly, read my stories.

Until next time,


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About Emmy

"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

2 responses to “Roller coaster ride and the Dark Prince”

  1. Roel says :

    Houd het hervonden lees- en schrijfenthousiasme vast Emmy : )
    Ik heb de proloog awakening gelezen. Mooi geschreven, maar vampiers en aanverwanten zijn niet echt mijn cup of tea. how surprising nietwaar ?

    • Emmy says :

      Dank je. Dat je niets met vampiers hebt snap ik. Mocht ik iets in een ander genre hebben dan zal ik je op de hoogte houden.

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