“What? Did I write that?!

IMG_4214I could not face my printer’s looks of despair and had my first draft of Fire Prince printed at the copier and while I was at it, had it bound as well. (Thanks Hiske!) I was much impressed. Before me lies a serious stack of paper, even for a double-sided printed copy, and the cover has my name on it. After staring at it for a considerable amount of time, I finally began work.

I promised myself a read-through without a red pen first. I want to get a feel for the complete story again. I have gone through the first few chapters and I am alternately pleasantly surprised and quietly horrified at what I have read so far. I am already finding some glaring holes but, fortunately, also some very nice paragraphs that I cannot help but be proud of. It is, I have to confess, a very unsettling experience, reading through your first draft.

Only when I have read myself through it once, will I move on to the second phase, the timeline check. Since the story spreads over several months, I need to get my seasons right, as well as details of travel. It seems an easy first task that needs to be done. When that is checked and possibly corrected, I will concentrate on magic. I cannot give away too much, but several characters use magic but all use it in a different way. I mostly need to check for consistency of use.

This will keep me busy for the coming week. There is, after all, some other reading to do as well. I have just finished Joe Abercrombie’s “Before They are Hanged” and cannot wait to start the third book in the series “Last Argument of Kings”. I am really enjoying his “First Law” series. It is darker and grittier than most fantasy that I have read but I find it refreshing. I have even found a soft spot in my heart for Logen Ninefingers. Reading this on a decent e-reader while reclining in the sun has made my garden a little paradise, notwithstanding the blood, the gore and the war scenes in the book.

Hope you have your own goals set. Do not forget to enjoy either the sun, a good book or your writing (all three is best, of course).



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"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

7 responses to ““What? Did I write that?!”

  1. The Review Sister says :

    Ah! *look of jealousy* you have finished the first draft lol. I’m still working on mine

  2. emilyramos says :

    Reading through a first draft can be both exhilarating and disheartening. And it’s really hard to leave the pen in the drawer and just read. But it does feel good, doesn’t it, to have that paper and know that you’ve finished something. Even though the first draft is never, done, it’s still a huge accomplishment. Good job and good luck with your next steps!

  3. barbedwords says :

    Congrats on finishing your first draft – you’re an inspiration!

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