Hidden Themes

IMG_3840While reading through my first draft of Fire Prince, I started to detect underlying plot themes that I cannot remember putting in there. I usually just start writing because there is a scene in my head or a character to put on paper. From there, the story and the plot follows. I do not plan. It was partly the reason why ending my novel took me so long. The end was never planned and so only arrived when it was written.

But to return to the themes, they were also not planned for. It is a surprising discovery. But now that the editing has started, I have to make choices whether I want to emphasise some of these themes. It is new territory for me and it almost feels like planning. I have to stop shivering at the thought.

Have you ever found you had themes in your writing you did not know you had put in there?

Enjoy the weekend!



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7 responses to “Hidden Themes”

  1. Emmy says :

    I know it works different for every writer. I once thought that planning was the only ‘right’ way to write a book. So I tried planning but found it counterproductive. There are many ways to get the job done, fortunately. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. 2unpublishedgirls says :

    I rarely find hidden themes. I’m a planner. The idea of writing a story without plotting a general outline first makes ME shiver. -RB

    • Emmy says :

      I think that’s the most important lesson: every writer has her own method. Glad I learnt it. Cheers!

  3. Codes says :

    I’ve just realized recently that I have one or two powerful themes I wasn’t even trying to write about. I kind of like finding them, because they’re not things I am focusing on, but it means there’s more angles for readers to connect with the story.

    • Emmy says :

      They really can be the nugget of gold in the river. I sometimes wonder, if I didn’t put them in, who did? Thanks for the contribution 🙂

  4. emilyramos says :

    Ah, it sounds like your subconscious likes to write in themes without telling you! 🙂 I find little tidbits of truth that I didn’t remember intentionally writing when I read through.
    On a planning note: I like to plan as I go – I have a general idea of what’s happening when I start but as I write I do more planning.
    I hope the process is going well for you!

    • Emmy says :

      Thanks for your comment, Emily. It’s fun to find unplanned themes in your own writing. A bit creepy too. The, almost official, heatwave over here has slowed down editing to a crawl. It is just too hot to think. I’ve been keeping myself cool with a lot of reading though, so it has not been all wasted time. Cheers!

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