Review of ‘The Storm and the Darkness’ by Sarah M. Cradit

18046472ratings: ★★★★✩

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Storm and the Darkness, the second book in Sarah Cradit‘s series The House of Crimson and Clover.

It surprised me by going into different directions, artfully blending elements of romance, thriller and the paranormal together into a compelling story.

It is winter in Summer Island and the inhabitants prepare for the coming storms. As the clouds gather, the characters we meet deepen and the tension between them grows. Ana Deschanel has come to the island to escape New Orleans, her problems and her friends Nicholas and Ozz. She resides at the house that has belonged to her family for years, even though they never lived there. The house’s caretaker, Alex is eager to aid her in the preparations for winter. He seems a most helpful man, or is he? She also meets her neighbours: Finn, the fisherman and his brother Jon, the unfriendly vet. When she tries to return a set of keys to them during the first onset of a serious snow storm, an accident leads to a set of events that changes all of their lives.

Each chapter changes the point of view and in each one, we learn a little more of events and what has led up to them. Despite not having read the first of the series, I had no trouble getting into the story and its characters. I may have missed further background story on some of the characters, but it reads perfectly well as a standalone story.

As I was given this copy in return for an honest review, I was not sure what genre to expect. The lovely blend of different genres delighted, however. I would have loved to know more about the paranormal aspects of it and liked how the romance part steered clear of being too romantic. The character of Ana is well written and complex. Her special healing powers, a gift that runs within her family, seem to work only on herself, one of her frustrations in life. Until she meets Finn. While some her actions had me rolling my eyes, she comes across as a believable and strong personality with lots of personal issues that play their part in her relationship with others.

I gladly sacrificed some of my sleeping time to finish this compelling story and will have to dive into the first one of the series St. Charles at Dusk. A solid 4.5!


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