A Writer’s Business Plan: Mission Statement

In the early part of next year, my job in IT will end. On that day, I will be a full-time, professional writer. As frightening and exciting as it may sound, if I want to take my business seriously, I will need to write a business plan. It will provide an insight into the nitty gritty ‘how to earn the cash’ as well as a planning on where I want to be in a year’s time and in 5 year’s time.

Now I’ve never written a business plan before. Once again, Google is your friend when it comes to information. I found some wonderful Indie authors who shared some very good advice on the very subject. (Susan Kaye Quinn, for example, and Elle Strauss on Indelibles).

With their advice and that of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, I will be writing my Business Plan (mark the capitals!) over the coming weeks.

The first start on this daunting path is to write my Mission Statement. Eh? Right, my Mission Statement. This will have to be a work in progress, polishing and chipping at it until it shines for me. To start, I have come up with the following:

To write and publish the stories I love

I want to share my love of the English language and the art of storytelling. I want to give a voice to the stories that are out there. Reaching out through fantasy and contemporary fiction, I aim not only to entertain readers, but also to give them a window into the lives of my fictional characters. I will have succeeded when I can make readers smile, root and perhaps even weep for those characters because hidden within them, may be a spark of recognition and my own vision on life and imagination.

To allow me to be financially independent

I want to improve my writing in order to better convey the story and build up a body of work that not only will delight readers, but also allow me to pursue my goal of financial independence. In order to offer a product to my readers that I recognise and approve of, I want to learn about the various aspects involved in both writing and publishing so I can bring my works to the public the way I want to. I will have succeeded when I earn an income that is equal or more than at the top of my former career in IT.

And to connect with readers and writers across the globe

Not only do I want to connect to readers, but also to other writers to share experiences and pool resources. I want to use my skills in training and writing to reach this goal. I will have succeeded when I have built a strong online platform and network of readers and writers.

That! is my Mission Statement. I may need sharpening (and making it SMART) but it’s a good first effort. Do let me know what you think of it. Have you considered writing your own writer’s business plan? Or have you actually written one?

Happy writing, reading, editing and planning!



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"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

4 responses to “A Writer’s Business Plan: Mission Statement”

  1. L. Palmer says :

    Good luck! Writing full time is a brave and bold step.

  2. change it up editing says :

    Your mission statement is fantastic! I wonder if most writers bother with a business plan–perhaps more of them could become full-time writers if they approached their writing the way you do.

    • Emmy says :

      Thanks so much! I am still having to proof I can do it but the plan helps me to focus and also to find the gaps in my knowledge/planning/talents.

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