Oyster Enters Growing Arena of Digital Book Rental Services

An interesting and, I feel, logical development in e-book world. This is a great blog for finding out what goes on in the world of (self-)publishing and books.

Falls Into Writing

Books in the digital world are getting a new venue and way of access. There’s been much buzz about Oyster, which is being touted as the “Netflix” of books. Currently taking requests for initial invitations, it is only being offered to iPhone users. However, the potential seems big as Oyster cashes in on the mobility of digital books as it differs from other e-book subscription services.

The subscription model has proven to work well for film and television with services like Netflix and Hulu growing. According to Digital Book World, Oyster’s subscription model has over 100,000 titles available from publishers like HarperCollins and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that can be accessed for just $9.95 per month on up to six devices. The fact that it’s for cell phone access emphasizes Oyster’s idea of portability of an e-book. Using Apple’s customers as those who adapt new apps and technology readily…

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