Writing is a Solitary Craft


‘Writing is a solitary craft.’

The more I write, the more I find this is not true. I have the luxury of having complete days that I can spend on writing and writing alone. But if I do just that, not only does my productivity drops, it also creates havoc in my household and drives me towards social media like mass to a black hole. If I do not interact with other people, I will eventually run dry.

Writing is an activity that takes place mainly in the head (keyboard strokes or pen movements don’t really count). If I stay there too long, I get lost in it. To counteract this, I usually break up my writing days with activities. I like to go lunch swimming twice a week. I plan photo trips to look at the world through different eyes. I have coffee breaks with friends. These activities take me out of my head and help me interact with the rest of my body and my surroundings. After an hour or two, I am ready to dive back into writing. Unfortunately, taking a lunch break from writing can sometimes result In not getting back to the keyboard for the rest of the day. I am still looking for the right balance.

The days I can spent writing, are the best ones of the week and I look forward to them on all the other days that take me away from my desk and my home.

How do you find a balance between activities in the head and in the real world? Do you have a routine in your writing days? I would love to hear from you.

Happy writing and balancing!



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9 responses to “Writing is a Solitary Craft”

  1. emilyramos says :

    I had a professor in college who always said that writing is a SOCIAL activity, rather than solitary. After all, to write well we need feedback, and the best feedback comes from other people (rather than yourself). And, even if one doesn’t share their work while drafting it, if it gets published it becomes social I’m that we write for other people to read.

    As for balancing writing and activities, I think that’s one we all struggle with. My apartment is a mess because when I’m not at work, I’m either writing our reading (or if I’m lucky -our bowling or visiting friends). I don’t have to much trouble with staying away from social media because I don’t have home internet, but I get distracted with other things, like watching movies.

    Take care,

  2. hansales1088 says :

    This makes sense because we have to live in order to write the best pieces! We have to experience and enjoy and learn and communicate! Loving your blog! You go girl!

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