Authors: How much description is too much? Too little?

A very interesting post on a subject that I also struggle with: how much description is too much or too little.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

garden-sketch-design-1402391-mAuthors: when plotting (whether by outlining or while writing) and when editing for content, have you found that one of the most difficult, most painful requirements is cutting out ideas, descriptions, and scenes that you personally love but just don’t contribute to the overall plot?

Few things can make a great story less engaging, less fun to read, than a subplot (or two or three) that just feels out of place… Like it doesn’t belong. Rather than contributing to the main plot somehow, it is completely distinct from it.

Well, I don’t mean to discuss that too much today, if only because I’ve already written a post about different ways to connect subplots to each other and to the main plot.

Today, I want to address a related issue: in the middle of a subplot or scene that does connect with and belong in your story, how do you…

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