My Indies Big Five of 2013

I’ve been reading, and reviewing Indie publications this year as a first. I must say they have broadened my reading habits.

Finding good Indie books to read is not harder than finding traditionally published ones. Reviews, blogs, buzz and interviews have helped me select the books that I read this year. And finding the right sources have often let me to more realistic expectations, than some huge backed bestsellers through traditional promotion.

Some have come free and some were paid for. Their lower prices and sometimes free offerings have let me to discover a few gems I might have never read otherwise. It also confirmed my belief that traditionally published e-books are hugely overpriced. You are not getting automatically your price’s worth on huge bestsellers. Their hypes are sometimes bigger than their quality, both in writing and format.

So without further ado, I present you with my Big Five 2013:

At number 5:

Beginning of a Hero by Charles Yallowitch.


A delightful debut of a writer who takes both his craft and his self-publishing role seriously.

Here’s the review I wrote.

At number 4:

Our Love Could Light The World by Anne Leigh Parrish

Our Love Could Light The World by Anne Leigh Parrish

A warm collections of stories about a dysfunctional family.

Go here for my review.

At number 3:

The Underlighters by Michelle Brown


Surprising and entertaining. Dystopian fantasy.

For review go here.

At number 2:

The Storm and the Darkness by Sarah M. Cradit.


A haunting tale of human relationships.

Review available here.

And the winner is:

The Wishkeeper by Maximilian Timm


A crowdfunding success that kept its promiss. This is not a pixie!

Reviewed here.


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3 responses to “My Indies Big Five of 2013”

  1. Charles Yallowitz says :

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed the book.

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