Free Audio Book Recordings for Indie Authors

Add another promotional dimension to your indie book: audio sampling

Anneque G. Malchien

…and those with small publishing houses!

It’s sorted. This week I am honoured to bring you the news that starting from January 2014, I’ll be offering an audio book recording service. This is an unpaid service geared around promotion of independent and lesser known authors. Amazon’s audio branch, Audible, is clamouring for more audio books, and this plus the proliferation of iTunes, podcasts and YouTube have made audio a great tool for authors to reach new readers.

Here’s how it will work.

  1. You inquire about having a sample made.
  2. I record the first chapter (or another part of equal length).
  3. The audio is distributed freely on the net and iTunes.
  4. You have a neat audio asset and maybe some new readers.

That’s it. It’s pretty straightforward. I originally wanted to record around half an hour for each book, but that will be dependent on the book’s length. The first chapter…

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