The Child Within


Have you ever come across the child within? And I don’t mean the child with its eyes full of wonder who is still able to see the novelty of each day. Not the child that can think outside the box or still reacts in a spontaneous way. I mean the child that likes to throw temper tantrums when life serves it something it doesn’t like. The child that crawls beneath a blanket and hopes all bad stuff goes away. The child that only wants to sleep with the lights on because it is afraid of the dark. And the child that refuses to talk to the adult because it doesn’t like a man’s socks or a woman’s spectacles… or simply refuses to talk.

I believe its all the same child actually, both the good and the bad. Children aren’t just little angels, thank goodness. They carry within the adult they will become, both the flaws and the talents. And as we grow up, we carry the child within us. Sometimes its hidden beneath a veneer of norms and education. A little veil of social conventions that drops whenever our emotions overrule our rational mind. The child remains at the core of us.

How often though, do we refuse to acknowledge that child inside? Some of us even hide it away behind a wall of bricks and mortar, relentlessly adding to the wall as we grow older until we are so cut off from our core being that all communication with ourself breaks down. We can no longer listen to the feelings of the child behind the wall, its wails and screams. And wail and scream it will, or worse, it falls silent. But it will still try to communicate, perhaps, in pure desperation, trying to send us bad dreams, migraines, heart attacks.

Behind the temper tantrums, the unadapted social behaviour or even the cruelty, there is usually some primary emotion: fear, anger, sadness. And no matter how high we build that wall, those emotions will seep through. And usually not in a constructive way. Giving the child within some proper attention, acknowledging it and communicating with it could serve us better than to cover it up or lock it behind a wall. After all, that child within is our core being. Neglecting it, is neglecting ourself. And ultimately, that child will come back to haunt us.

Happy writing and communicating!


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"The urge to write is like a feverdream. And I have been dreaming for most of my life."

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