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End of the Holidays, Progress Report

The summer holidays are well and truly over. Schools have already started and my local indoors swimming pool has reopened. On the downside, traffic to work is back to being jammed. The best thing about the end of the holidays is the return to some sort of routine. My writing and editing has suffered from the lack of it. I managed to do some work in the last two months. So here’s the update:

  • I’ve rewritten Fire Prince up to chapter 7 which means there’s 18 chapters yet to go. (You can check its progress on the widget at the bottom of this page.)
  • I’ve been writing small parts of my next project Raven. I am very excited by this story and may take it up as my second publication.
  • I’ve listed several magazines for possible publication for my short stories. I am planning to offer ‘Words are like magic’ and write at least two more before winter.
  • I’ve signed up with a writers group to get some much needed feedback and practise in critiquing. I am already a member of the online group Scribophile but I wanted a group that met face-to-face. The first meet-up is in September.
  • Project Fire Up! has seen some activity but will need more attention. I am going to rope in some friends to help out. Creativity shared can add up!
  • I’ve spent way too much time on social media. After reactivating my Twitter account, I’ve passed the 50 followers mark within two weeks and made some nice contacts.
  • I’ve finished Stephen King’s The Gunslinger and am currently reading Our Love Could Light The World by Indie author Anne Leigh Parrish. I will review the book once I finished.
  • Finally I’ve been working on my Writer’s Business Plan. I’m planning a few posts on its progress to give you an insight into the startup of my very own writing business.

Reading back, I’ve done too shabby. I hope you’ve been chasing your goals down. I am set and ready for reaching a few more. Life is good!

Happy reading, writing and enjoying life!


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