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The Writer as Saboteur

I would have liked to say that my muse has started to sing again. Or that inspiration has finally pushed the Dark Prince into motion. None if it is true, I think. When it comes to finishing novels, only focus and determination will get you there. And  it took me years to find out. Ugh!

But whatever force is moving it along, my novel has grown another 2000 words in two days. In order to celebrate my progress with you, I had wanted to offer another excerpt of the first chapter. But as I read the next passage, I felt it needed some work. I do not want to start editing at the moment, because I need to write those final words first.

There is cause for optimism: the scenes are taking shape and the characters do their surprising act of moving the story along in directions that I had not anticipated. But when that happens, I know I am on to something good. I no longer force the story to my will, I am merely recording what is there. Doubt and uncertainty make me try to plot and outline, stalling my progress even further. Just letting the story flow and reveal itself is the real joy in writing and I have to tell you, I had two very enjoyable days.

While this may work for me, I know it does not work the same way for others. Writing is a very personal craft with no real wrongs or rights when it comes to the writing process. We may look for outside causes that stall our writing, but writers usually are their own worst critics and saboteurs.

Have a great and productive weekend!


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