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Doing the Fashionable Thing: New Year’s Resolutions


On editing…

The echoes of 2013 are slowly fading in the background. The New Year (still new enough to warrant capitals) has started with the usual mix of hope, fireworks, resolutions and hangovers. As this will be the year of my first book publication, I alternate between excitement and anxiety. Excited because I can’t wait to have Fire Prince out there for readers to read but anxious because there is still so much to do. Editing is not going smoothly at all and it’s mostly due to inconsistent activity. So there’s my first resolution for the year:

Write and edit regularly

On reading…

One of the first actions I took this year was to renew my library membership. I’ve spent an awful lot of money last year on books. As my paid job will end in february, I cannot continue to do so. Not only will I be able to borrow lots of books, I am also going to visit on a regular basis because it is the perfect place for editing or writing. Not distracted by the comfort of home and surrounded by books, I will be spending a good amount of time there.

I just failed my Goodreads challenge of 2013 by one book, ending with 29 great additions on my ‘read’ list. Hungry for more, I’ve upped the stakes for this year to 40 books, starting off with Janet Evanovich’s Four to Score, the fourth book in the Stephanie Plum series. See there, my second resolution:

Read 40 books in 2014

On blogging…

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I’m as regular in my blog updates as I am with editing, that is to say: in bursts. I will try to stick to some kind of frequency as I set out in this post. Perhaps the first two months may be a struggle as I still juggle office work with my writing, but from march onwards, I’ll have no excuse to stick to it. I’ll probably think of one when I get there ;). So the last in my public resolutions:

Stick to my blogging scheme.

Hope to see a lot of you all in 2014 and wishing you a happy 2014!

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