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I’ll be Blog Hopping for Christmas.


I was asked to participate in a Blog Hop by Elaine White. The rules seemed simple enough for me to comprehend. I get tagged (thanks Elaine, I was never good at avoiding that 😉 ) and answer the four hop blog questions that have been put to all other blog hoppers, linking back to the answers of my tagging blogger Elaine. Then I reach out to five other bloggers to continue the hop. Don’t start running, please!

What are you writing?

Most of my writing is firmly in the realm of fantasy. I have two main projects I’m working on but there always side dishes. As with reading, I tend to take on several books at the same time. I’ve been spending most of my time working on The Caretaker; a project started this year and steadily progressing. The Caretaker is situated in the same world as my debut novel Fire Prince (scheduled for spring 2014). As the world is growing, so is my interest in the story. I’m hoping to finish the story somewhere spring/early summer next year.

My other work in progress is Raven. Raven is not related to the other two books but has taken on a life of its own. The story has not chosen its direction yet, but it’s the perfect project to work on when I’m in the right mindset.

How does this differ from your last work?

In many ways, I guess. First of all, my ‘last work’ is now in its editing stages. The first draft has taken me years to complete. In fact, I never believed it would be completed until the beginning of this year. What made the difference is that I decided I was going to finish it. I’ve made it my own challenge. I had something to prove, mostly to myself. Now that I know I can finish a story, my belief that I can finish another one has sky rocketed. So I’m writing my new material with a lot more confidence and a lot less time in-between writing sessions.

Why do I write?

I write because these stories are in my head. If I leave them there, they will probably buy me an indefinite stay at a closed ward 😀 I also write because I like to create. I’ve no talent in drawing or sculpturing but I can wield a pen (or keyboard). Creating something from an image that comes out of my own imagination and giving it existence is immensely satisfying. To share this with others, is what truly makes me happy. And if I can earn a living from doing what I love, I will be blessed.

What is your process?

I write a story as it forms in my head. I start with a scene, or a character and let it go from there. There is as much structure in my writing as there is order in the world 😉 As I am setting more stories into the same world, I find I cannot escape some planning. But I try to keep it minimal. The hardest part about the writing process for me is editing. When the editing starts, I need to tie all those loose ends that I made while just making it up as I go along. I have to backtrack in the story to plant some seeds for those brilliant ideas I had later in the story. Or I just have to scrap those because they totally don’t fit. I would have like to say that I write or edit every day, but sadly I’m lacking the discipline as yet. But that’s what a New Year resolutions are for.

Happy Holidays to all of you!


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