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The Caretaker, part 10: Deserts served at last

“This is Garath Dacelli,” Rannol started to say but was rudely interupted by Garath who got up from the dinnertable after conversing briefly with one of the servants.

“I do apologise but it seems that my attention is needed urgently.” Smiling pleasantly, he bowed in the direction of Rannol and Kira and strode from the room.

There was an awkard silence at the table. Rannol did not know whether he was required to investigate or just preside over the remainder of the dinner. In fact, most of the main course had been consumed and the servant in charge of waiting at table was already clearing the table for desert. Fervently wishing his first day as Caretaker would end soon, he decided to stay the last stage of the meal and turned once more to his lady guest.

“Garath is our Head of Healing, Lady Kira, and when there’s any need for specialised knowledge in that area, Garath is often required.”

“Does he have no students who can deal with such matters?” Kira required.

Rannol seemed at the loss for an answer but Maluk came to his aid.

“Healing is one of our newest faculties. Not many students have come to the Library to study the craft of healing.”

“But assuredly, it is a subject most useful for study?”

Maluk grinned. “You would think, eh? But many will tell you it is not a subject for study but one for practising.”

Kira nodded. In Asuria, healing was mostly performed by travelling healers, who took their craft from town to town. Their knowledge was passed from healer to apprentise, just like other craftsmen.

“Within the Federation, if one needs a really good healer, one goes to Valinthe.” Rannol added.

Kira turned her attention back to Rannol, who had regained his composure.

“Why so?”

“In Valinthe’s main city Larys, the Vayas Institute of Healing treats the mysteriously sick and gravely injured. That is, if you can make it there in time.”

Kira smiled politely at Rannol’s poor attempt to joke. She also really wanted dinner to be over. Her day had been long and she tried to suppress a yawn.

Everyone at the table seemed relieved when deserts finally arrived. For both Rannol and Kira, it meant that soon they could end their first day in their new roles. Tomorrow could hardly be as hectic as this day had been.

Someone, however, had other plans.

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