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Crowd funding: The Caracol Project

I really like the idea of crowd funding. To back projects directly, even with limited funds, can open great opportunities for creativity and innovation.  Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo offer great possibilities for artists and entrepreneurs to acquire funds and public interest at the same time. I therefore have decided to showcase the occasional project that has attracted my attention (and backing).

Caracol will be an eBook with embedded interactive images, created by 360┬║ technology. I really like the idea of exploring the boundaries of ebooks. Once you let go of the traditional way of publishing physical books, you can make use of the many possibilities that the electronic medium offers. Caracol will attempt to do just that. It is offering a sci-fi adventure story combined with interactive images, which in my mind has great potential.

I hope to see this project come to life. So here is my shameless plug:


by Logan McCune


A Kickstarter project that ends 15th of August. Have a look!

Happy reading, writing and editing,



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