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Sinterklaas: Countdown to the New Year has Started.


Every Dutch child’s favourite time of the year?

In the Netherlands, we start the countdown towards the new year with the traditional feast of Sinterklaas on the 5th of December.  His sidekick ‘zwarte piet’ has had a lot of flack this year, even ending up as the subject of a United Nation committee on Human Rights. Despite all the controversy, I have no doubt it will be celebrated abundantly throughout the country and will attribute to a lot of overspending. The rush to the shops will be repeated in time for Christmas.

Tradition in our house means we won’t put up the Christmas tree until Sinterklaas and his ‘pieten’ (whatever colour they will be this year) have left the country on their steamship. We try to avoid the shopping madness and start planning for the new year.

This year I’m starting the planning a bit early, simply because I have an aweful lot of planning to do.

Let me reveal to you my plans for this blog. As those who follow my blog have noticed, my posts have been infrequent and far between lately. I want to get back to some sort of publication scheme. So here is the new planning for 2014:

  • 1 weekly blogpost (preferably on Wednesday)
  • 1 monthly book review
  • 1 monthly piece of original writing

I will also do some rearranging of previous posts and writing and a further bit of restyling.

Happy writing, planning and celebrating,

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