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Planning My Way To Publication


Me and planning go together like beer and chocolate. I write my stories on the go and I make daily trips to the store because shopping for several meals at once never works out right.

However, to get my book ready for the publication to coinside with the launch of my company, I sat down to write a plan. When I had finished it, I felt both elated and terrified: elated because I could now see the path that I needed to walk in order to get where I wanted to go, terrified because the to-do list and its deadlines is huge.

I will give you the concise version:

  • end of november, 2nd draft completed
  • end of november, cover design completed
  • find an editor
  • december: beta-reading
  • write the blurb
  • write the author biography and have a picture taken I can live with
  • january: 3rd edit (beta input)
  • february: line edit by editor
  • end of february: final version
  • end of february: get the copyright, thank-you and other pages ready
  • march: ISBN, copy edit, drafting and live!

If anyone finds I missed something, please let me know.

And all the while, there is another story screaming for attention. I am adding to it a 100 words at a time, just to stop it from feeling neglected. There are just not enough hours in a day right now. I am still juggling a job, a training course, a company start up, and the publication of a novel.

Life will be boring once I’m done.

Happy writing and planning!


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