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Over the Horizon


Getting Fire Prince edited and published is my main goal for the remainder of the year. I have set myself a deadline for december (right in time for people’s Christmas shopping) and although it seems daunting, each step I make towards that goal helps me to believe. The involvement of one of my best friends in the project also helps.

But there is life beyond the Fire Prince. Finishing a first draft has already made me hungry for more. Publishing the book will probably make me ravenous. There are two possible candidates for that next project.

The Caretaker is still taking shape in my mind, even though the actual writing of it has stalled. It has stalled on purpose because I wanted to focus on Fire Prince first. If you’re not familiar with the story, you can read the first parts here online. Remember, these parts are unedited drafts. Only since I started editing Fire Prince, I know that significant changes can alter the story, the tone and its characters in the editing stage.

Raven is another project I am currently spending, perhaps way too much, time on. This story’s voice is one I really like. If you have not met Raven, you can get acquainted here and read on to part 2  and part 3.

I’ll finish with my latest part of Raven and promise to get back to editing after this.

Have a good start to your weekend!


Raven walked along the beach as the sun was setting. The orange-touched sky provided a fitting backdrop for his thoughts. His first night as Raven reborn was about to bring him hope and darkness. He wasn’t sure he was ready for either of them. He kept walking along the shoreline, his boots leaving deep prints into the wet sand. Walking was what he needed to do. To keep moving away from the dark he had left behind and find peace with the darkness that was falling rapidly. All that was left of the day’s sun was an orange glow on the horizon.

He inhaled the smell of the sea. He had almost forgotten its salty, wholesome taste. He closed his eyes and dreamt his spirit spreading its wings into the sea wind. As he soared over the waves, towards the sinking light in the west, he knew he was Raven and he knew that he had not lost his touch.

As the night won the race from his spirit wings, he flew all the way back to his body. In the darkness, he felt a momentary flash of panic as he searched for the man that was Raven, out there somewhere on the beach. Then he spotted the familiar light and circled it several times in pure delight, reluctant to become earthbound once more. In the last spiral before descending, he caught another light in the distance. Somewhere in the old streets of the city, another raven soul lit up.

Raven stopped walking. He almost stumbled in the darkness. His head was spinning and his breath came fast. He did not doubt what he had just spotted. Raven hardly ever doubted himself. Intuition was his first and second nature. He turned his back on the ocean waves. His boots were covered with sand as he strode towards the boulevard. With his mind focused on the trace of the raven soul, it was a near miracle he made to the street where it originated without being run down by the late night traffic.

He halted near a shaded corner, wary of the street lantern’s blinding light. Up there, on the second floor, behind a closed window was a light still on. A silhouette moved against the exposed wall. A female figure was dancing to unheard music, her body moving in a rhythmic challenge. With his gaze glued to the window, he sat down on the pavement, his back against the wall. Darkness no longer scared him. Her raven soul sang to him like the music she was dancing to. He left the darkness behind and embraced the hope that was, or would soon be, his Raven Queen.

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