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To Publish or to Self-Publish, That is the Question


With the first draft of my novel nearing completion, I am aware that publication is still far on the horizon. That has never stopped me from dreaming and planning. There are two routes that I am considering: that of the traditional ‘sending MS to publisher’ or the DIY method of self-publishing.

I have always dreamt about walking into a bookshop and seeing my book displayed in all its awesomeness. But then I started thinking: ‘when is the last time you actually walked into a bookstore?’ Since owning an iPad and gifting an e-reader to my husband (I know, clever move for when I want to read in the sun) I have read all my books electronically. I shop on Amazon or in the iBookstore. So if I want to get that ‘look at my book on display’ kick, the only place where I will get it is online.

smashwordsPublishing an e-book is something I can do myself. Amazon and Smashwords have made the process relatively easy for anyone. Then why do I still need a publisher? Especially when finding a publisher that is willing to publish Fire Prince, may prove a long and uncertain road. I am well aware that I have not written the next Harry Potter, but my story has its own merits and has already charmed some readers.
The big advantage of having a publisher would be their marketing power and expertise. I have none of both. At least, not yet. With social media, a self-publishing author has a lot of marketing tools at her disposal. Tools that a publishing house will expect the author to wield anyway.

So far, I am leaning towards the road of self-publishing. Would you have any arguments in support or against self-publishing that I have not mentioned yet? Do you have any experience in either way of publishing? I would love to hear your thoughts.

As always, happy writing, editing and reading!

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