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Review: The Wishkeeper by Maximilian Timm

Ratings: ★★★★★


As Shea would tell you: “I’m no pixie!” These fairies are not your cute little Disney fairies. They have strong humanoid emotions, strengths and weaknesses.

Shea, the fairy heroine, has injured her wings during a horrible incident that has also left her without a mother. Unable to fly, she uses her magic to swing from place to place. Her biggest handicap however, she has created herself. Unable to deal with her limitations and grief, she has grown into a rebel ‘teenager’, who cannot bond to her father because grief and strong emotions are two things they both find it difficult to deal with.

Paragonia, the land of the Wishkeepers, is dying. Without fulfilling wishes from us, the Wishmakers, the magic is disappearing. The number of wishes that are taken back to be fulfilled is diminishing and the once vast legion of Wishkeepers has dwindled into a small number of fairies. Shea, however, is determined to become one, with or without wings. But for Paragonia to survive, the fairies have to deal with an evil that threatens both their land and ours.

This wonderful YA ‘fairy’ tale has everything one could wish for: a courageous heroine, an evil villain, magic, action and love.

I’ve discovered The Wishkeeper during its crowdfunding campaign and I’ve followed its progress with great anticipation. The final book does not disappoint. I’ve enjoyed reading about Shea and her struggle. It’s a heart-warming tale told at a fast pace. It entertains and delights, even though the occasional flashback confused at times.

I especially loved Thane, the poor fairy who is ordered to keep Shea safe. Never was anyone given a more impossible task. He has to deal with her quirks and frustrations. He could either hate his task or fall in love. I challenge you to read this wonderful book and find out.

Oh, and it’s book one of The Paragonia Chronicles so there’s more to come!

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