The Caretaker


This project started out as a mere sketch to flesh out the world of ‘The Dark Prince’. With the stubbornness that some stories have, it has grown into a decent storyline for its own sake. As such, it has deserved its own place within my Flaming Colours. Keep in mind that The Caretaker is a work in progress and changes may occur in parts already published. Should there be any major overhaul, I will let you know.

If you would like to know more about the world in which the Caretaker lives, you can take a look at the companion site : On Thalandrian Ground

The index:

Part one – The Final Day

Part two – The New Caretaker

Part three – Breakfast?

Part four – The Asurian Delegation

Part five – The Scholar

Part six – Off with the Finery

Part seven – On Asurian Cuisine

Part eight – The Keeper of Documents

Part nine – Maluk and Companion

Part ten – Deserts served at last

Part eleven – Wedding Jewels

Part twelve – Myths, Legends and Reality

Part thirteen – Taking Control

Part fourteen – The Dark Voice of Suspicion

Part fifteen – The Council

Part sixteen – Dakyrian Justice

3 responses to “The Caretaker”

  1. tracycembor says :

    It’s exciting to watch this project unfold. Thank you for sharing with us. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

    • Emmy says :

      You’re most welcome. It will slow down a little as life is very busy for me right now. But I’m happy writing again.

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